Updated: Oct 5, 2018

by Christian Balderas


“When Solomon finished praying, fire flashed down from heaven and burned up the burnt offerings and sacrifices, and the glorious presence of the Lord filled the Temple. When all the people of Israel saw the fire coming down and the glorious presence of the Lord filling the Temple, they fell face down on the ground and worshiped and praised the Lord, saying, ‘He is good! His faithful love endures forever!’ ”  

- 2 Chronicles 7:1 & 3 (NLT)

Have you ever been desperate for something? For me, I want things, but I’m not desperate for everything. Now, when I met my wife I was definitely desperate for her affection - and while that’s a different story, the principle remains. Because I was desperate for her love and affection, I pursued it.

This song is a desperate cry for revival. However, before singing this song, I had to ask myself the question, “Do I really believe what I’m singing or is it just a good song to write? Am I really desperate for the things of God?”  Because if I wasn’t, then how could I sing these lyrics, much less, lead people into the presence of God with this song.

The bridge of this song reads:

Let Your fire fall, Lord I give my all

God of Wonders, let your Spirit fill this place

Take me deeper still - I won’t stop ‘til I’m filled

King of Heaven, I surrender all of me

I believe there’s a longing in each of us for something bigger than ourselves. It’s an innate desire - a yearning - a pulling, almost. I’m reminded of Psalm 42:7a (NIV) that says, “Deep calls to deep, in the roar of your waterfalls.”  However, when you talk about the fire of God, or Holy Spirit, people often put walls up because it’s “spooky” or “unknown”. In the verse above, after the fire of God fell, the people’s response was the key. It wasn’t fear. It was an even greater revelation of God’s character. So when we sing, “let your fire fall,” we’re asking God to reveal more of who He is to us. When we ask for His Spirit to fill whatever space we are in, and to take us deeper, it is so that we may encounter the transformative presence of God.

This song has encouraged me to become desperate. Desperate for God’s presence, for Holy Spirit’s guiding, and for a deeper discipline. As you listen to this song, I pray that desperation for God’s presence ignites in you as He continues the good work that’s already begun.


Search my soul

Let only what is pure remain

Draw me close to You

Breathe into me

Resurrect these bones to prophesy

For the glory of Christ


Pull me under

And into the depths of Your love

Stir it up in my soul

All Consuming Fire, consume me now

I'm ready for more


Here I will stand

With faith to fuel my journey through unknown

Into kingdom come

My eyes fixed above

Rend the heavens wide, pour it out

Send us revival


Let Your fire fall

Lord, I give my all

God of Wonders, let Your Spirit fill this place

Take me deeper still

I won't stop ‘til I'm filled

King of Heaven, I surrender all of me


I'm ready for more

I'm ready for more

I'm ready for more


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