Updated: Oct 5, 2018

by Amber & Christian Balderas


The beginning of 2015 was the darkest time of my life.  After less than a year of a cancer diagnosis, my mother, who had gone through two rounds of chemotherapy and one round of radiation, had taken a turn for the worse in her battle.  My family was in such disarray, because we were really believing for a miracle in my mother’s health. In March of that same year, she passed away.

My heart felt empty.  Someone who I felt was the glue to my family, and an extremely  important relationship in my life, was gone in a moment’s notice.  

Sitting in my room for days at a time, questioning why God “let” this happen, put me in a place of despair.  It wasn’t until I verbally expressed my frustration and questioning to the Lord, that I was changed forever. I sat on my bed and said aloud, “Jesus, why?  Jesus, why? Jesus, why?” As I was speaking, there was a word that just didn’t belong. The word “why” felt like slander. It made me feel like I was doing a disservice to God.  And even though I know He could handle my questions, I changed my wording. I changed it to one Name that I knew would be pleasing to the God that I know and love.

“Jesus.  Jesus. Jesus.  Jesus. Jesus. JESUS.”

Comfort.  Divine comfort washed over me as I spoke His Name.  I felt an embrace from the God that had never left my side, who had been there all along. I was reminding myself of the legacy of that Name.  I was reminding myself that there is so much power in that name, that it can overcome any trial of man.

This song is such a reminder of that season for me.  That no matter how dark life seems to get, no matter how abandoned you feel, and no matter how little you have left to give, nothing can overcome the Name of Jesus.  It towers above every other name in existence. It towers over every circumstance that we face, if we just take time to speak His Name.

“Send your kind mercy-kiss to comfort me, your servant, just like you promised you would.”   

- Psalm 119:76 (TPT)

In the Name of Jesus - chains be broken.

In the Name of Jesus - eyes be opened.


When the weight of the world gives way

And the curse of sin runs wild

We decide to trust in You

Our Savior


Through the dark, we won't relent

Pressing on towards Your purpose

As we cling onto Your Word



Our God is risen

Mighty is the Name of Jesus

Savior, Maker of the life in us

Our King forever

Holy One, You reign forever


We believe Your name has power

Just a word from You can change us

For we know You've won the world, oh Jesus

For we know You've won the world, oh Jesus


Our God is for us

Faithful through our mountain battles

He’s able, working everything for good

Our King forever

Jesus Christ, You reign forever


In the Name of Jesus

Chains be broken

In the Name of Jesus

Eyes be opened


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